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Policy and Procedures Manual

A policy manual is the most important document in a school division. It is a written record of all directions approved by the Board of Trustees who have a legislated mandate to govern the division. This responsibility to govern the Division is carried out chiefly by the development of policy and by ensuring that this policy is implemented.
Policies are principles which outline a course of action the Board of Trustees wishes to take. These principles are based on the values of the parents and the residents of the division. A policy explains what is to be done and why it is to be done while the accompanying regulations detail how this policy is to be implemented.
Both policies and regulations provide direction to the Chief Superintendent, who, with his staff, must implement Board policy. Policies are the lawful orders of the Board and Division staff is legally obligated to implement the policies and all directions in them.
Over the years, the Board of Trustees established an effective process for the development and revision of policy. This process, which is outlined in Section B, Governance, allows for a great deal of input from the Division community which includes parents, school committees, staff, and other partners. The process also provides for wide-spread dissemination of approved policies.
The Frontier School Division Policy and Procedures manual has the following sections:
At the beginning of each section, an introduction outlines the information provided in that section.
The policy manual is available and easily accessible on the Division’s web site. School committees are provided with an electronic copy of the manual on the school committee’s designated computer in the school. The information which appears on the web site shall be considered current.
The Chief Superintendent is responsible for ensuring access to the Division policies. Any questions may be directed to that office.